1. You earn 5% in Bonus from the value (excluding shipping costs) of each first order your invited friend places on LinenMe.com. Only invitations following these rules will generate you Bonus.

2. Once you place your friends email in the box above and press "Recommend" button your friend will receive an email from us. It will include a small surprise from us to encourage their first order on Linenme.com and link which he / she has to follow to make the first shopping on Linenme.com.

3. When your friend places his/her first order on Linenme.com you will get email from us informing you about this fact and amount of Bonus you earned.

4. Your earned Bonus will be available for use in your Bonus Account in 14 days from the moment your invited friend placed an order.

5. You can invite as many friends as you want to discover Linenme.com and help you to earn more Bonus.